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  •  Courses for teachers , gifted kids  , general public
At ETEC  we have been  running hands-on workshops for Science and Technology teachers and Lab Technicians  to meet the curriculum needs through Professional Development Training and Mentoring

Materials Technology  
Practical  Electronics 
Robotics  / Programming                           
Food Technology                 
Applied Mathematics              
Space & Astronomy            
Flight & Rocketry
Cheese Making     
Bio diesel Making                    
Renewable energy
Wind Mills                           
  • EXTENSION CLASSES for the Gifted  &Talented  learners
  •  AFTER School Science and Technology club
  • In-service PD workshops and mentoring service for teachers
We use integrated approach through cross-curricular projects  and technical literacy & numeracy is main part of all our courses.
  • PRE TRADE / VOCATIONAL  and alternative  short courses and more
  • We are designing programmes for the Charter Schools for Comprehensive training.
  • We promote Project based Inquiry with hands on learning
 Our Service for 2016
To stay competitive it is crucial to gain new skills.
We have extensive experience in conducting hands-on workshops.
We offer:
  • Innovative & reliable courses for teachers,  gifted kids and  general public
  • Short-term and long-term on-site / in-school mentoring
  • Procurement/ sourcing equipment,set-up and training
  • Ongoing technology education  and support
  • students write on booklets/worksheets
  • lesson plans/ assessment activities for NCEA level 1,2,3,4
  • Kits and sample master projects
  • follow up visits and courses/ consultancy
Professional Development workshops & hands-on seminars :
Nationwide in New Zealand and Australia
alternatively ask us to organise a workshop for them
ETEC: PD Courses for Science & Technology Teachers
Ph mobile 021 2152850 ,,

Hands on workshops
Biotechnology : Cheese Making
Make learning meaningful and enjoyable at the same time.
Food Technology is called Process Technology now so just cooking according to a set recipe will not really address the new curriculum. A broader and contextual approach need to be used to engage your students for a purposeful learning.
Making Cheese fits well into the Process Technology strand.
During this course you will get to make basic cheese and look at other by-products for broader activities.
All notes and students write-on booklet provided.
NCEA Achievement standards level 1, 2, 3 can be arranged too as well as year 9/10 topic can be delivered.
It is a better way for making transition form Food Technology to Process Technology.

Dates ::  One day only  or arrange a date by appointment
Time :  10am - 3 pm
ETEC:: Technology Studio
Unit 11,
3- Tironui Station Road West
Off Tironui Road near South Gate Shopping Centre
TAKANINI / Mob: 021 215 2850 ( Melvin Din)
Fee: $ 280 + GST

Hands on workshops
Construction and Mechanical Technologies / Hard materials
Make a tempting electric guitar as NCEA course
CMT is the new name given to the Hard materials / woodwork.
Meaningful learning can easily take place if the long term projects in CMT have relevance to the learner.
Allowing guided innovation and creativity will keep the learners engaged for long periods of time. Some may even become self propelling learners of hard materials.
I have seen that making an Electric guitar has captivated many learners who otherwise struggle in other subjects. Students love this project and value it as a personal treasure.
These projects can be used as NCEA level 1, 2 Course work with 12-18 credits. All could be stand alone Achievement Standards so that there is some thing for every one to gain at the end of the term.. A modular approach will be used, ie students work on smaller chunks and make one project per term and gain set credits.
We are preparing resources / materials/ write on booklet/ NCEA AS assessments.
We envisage to use an integrated approach by using the technology matrix.
Students will make ( 21 or 22 fret)
  • An Electric Guitar ( woodwork/ hard materials)
  • An Amplifier / Electronics and Speaker Box ( Boom Box)
  • Involve Music Department
  • Also some Physics of the Guitar through the Science department.
During this workshop you will get to understand the logistic and modules to suit the needs of your learners.
We will be able to provide In-School PD / mentoring teachers in Auckland.
We have already prepared resource material and kits will be available mid Feb.

Dates :  by appointment One day only
Time : 10am - 3 pm
 ETEC :: Technology Studio
Unit 11,
3- Tironui Station Road West
Off Tironui Road near South Gate Shopping Centre
TAKANINI / Manukau
Ph : 021 215 2850 ( Melvin Din)
Fee: $ 280 + GST
A smaller but inexpensive version of the same project can be used with Year 9/10 as a one or two term course work. You will get to make a simpler version during this PD. Integrating Woodwork and Electrics in a creative way. ( Electric Guitar with a piezo pick-up and a Boom box ).
For booking and more info just send us an email at

Hands on workshops
Year 8 ,9 10 Technology Workshops
Making a unique gift for a loved one ie an electronic display / artifact
CMT is the new name given to the hard materials / woodwork.
Meaningful learning can easily take place if the long term projects in CMT have relevance to the learner.
Allowing guided innovation and creativity will keep the learners engaged for long periods of time.
An integrated approach has been used to connect Woodwork/ hard materials, Electronics and DT.
Learners will make an attractive artefact from small pieces of used native timber timbre.
Within the set constraints they will use DT skills to design a unique looking sturdy lighting module ( artefact ).
Learners will experiment with
  • Used NZ native wood
  • Some lead lightings or mosaic /stained glass work
  • Simple electronic circuit ( 4 LEDs in parallel, a switch and battery holder ) and / or two flashing LEDs.
  • Translucent plastic sheets ( or some may like to use stained glass)
  • Woodwork tools and finishing chemicals. A very good choice to address the curriculum.animation
Project can be stretched to suit the needs of the learners and the time available.
We see the basic project to take 8 – 10 weeks. You can add or remove any module to suit your needs.
Extension work can easily be added to meet the needs
Learners will surely treasure their creation. During making process they will also learn
Basic technical literacy
  1. Safety with tools
  2. Meeting deadlines
  3. Basic electronic circuit and symbols
  4. Knowledge on NZ timbre wrt recycling and innovation.
  5. This multi material topic will have some thing for everyone.
  6. A modular approach has been used in designing the students write-on booklet.
Dates:  by appointment One day only
Time : 10am - 3 pm
ETEC :: Technology Studio
Unit 11/3 - Tironui Station Road West
Off Tironui Road …… near South Gate Shopping Centre
TAKANINI / Manukau
ph : 021 215 2850 ( Melvin Din)
Fee: $ 250 + GST
  • You will get to make a prototype to take home.
  • We provide class sets of the basic kits.
  • In-School PD and in-class mentoring services will be available to teachers in Auckland/ Hamilton Schools.
This unit can easily be adapted to teach Level 1 NCEA achievement standards worth 4-6 credits.
We have been cooking up lots of other ideas and very busy designing resources for technology teachers.


Practical Electronics/ and Robotics
Nothing beats the intrigue of fiddling with electronic parts and tooting around with robotic cars.
This PD is designed around teaching electronics within the digital technology curriculum.
Digital technology is the new name given to old Electronics technology and practical ICT stands.
This resource can be used in ICT room ( since no soldering is required)
One can easily offer 12-18 credits in Digital technology curriculum at NCEA level 1, 2.
Guided and modular approach ( chunking and scaffolding ) is used with this resource.
The resource , Robotic car, is reusable for many years.
Learners will build circuits in a gradual way and then write programs for the robotic car.
E-Learning methods with animation available on our website (
Resource A is for the Juniors and Resources B is for the seniors.
The robotic challenge can be conducted to raise the profile of the technology department.
Resouce can be loaned out likea library book for whole term.
All notes and support material provided with the resource.
We are busy writing up activities for the Achievement Standards. ( level 1, 2 )
Level 2 Unit Standards ( ITO based )are ready to use .
DatesOne day only   or arrange a date by appontment
Time : 10am - 3 pm
ETEC :: Technology Studio
Unit 11,
3- Tironui Station Road West
Off Tironui Road …… near South Gate Shopping Centre
TAKANINI / Manukau
Ph/: 021 215 2850 ( Melvin Din)
Fee: $ 250 + GST
For year 8,9 & 10 we have an inexpensive Robotic car. The project takes around 7-8 weeks.
During the PD you will get to make and take a basic robotic car.

ETEC: We provide mentoring services and in-school hands–on projects
for to the Science & Technology curriculum
Ph/Fax 09 908 3602, mobile 021 2152850 ,
Re: Extension Classes ( in school time and after school Science and Technology clubs)
We have been mentoring teachers through in-service PD, workshops and in-class assistance.
We also provide a wide range of curriculum related resources & kits.
We have been mentoring gifted and talented kids for many years.
This year we wish to run weekly programmes for the extension groups in some schools.
Each learner will get to make a take home an innovative technical product while learning Science and Technology curriculum. We bring our own resources.
We need a basic class room with general facilities to deliver this programme.
Maximum numbers 10. ( age 7-11).
8 Sessions per term. ( 1.5 hours)
Cost per learner : $ 250.
Some examples of the topics
Practical creative Electronics
Woodwork/ hard materials
Space and astronomy
Flight and Rocketry
Food Technology
Renewable energy/ windmills etc.
Please place this add in your school newsletter.
BIOfuel/ Biodiesel making workshops, training and consultancy for general public and small factories. If you have high fuel costs then make your own biodiesel, save thousnads on  fuel and do favour to the environment too. We can help you with all the technological knowledge required to produce biodiesel from used vegetable oils.
This year we are taking these workshops to other main centers. If you have more than four people  wanting to attend one of our workshop then please contact us. We are very flexible with time and dates.
  • All material, including units study lesson plans available at a modest cost.
  • Training and consultancy for general public and small factories.
  • If you have high fuel costs then make your own biodiesel, save thousnads on  fuel and do favour to the environment too.
  • We can help you with all the technological knowledge required to produce biodiesel from used vegetable oils.
Growing Cash Crops/
 vegetable oil for Biodiesel ( Canola Jatropha, Intercroping)
Time for growing OIL in New Zealand has come.
Here at ETEC, Pukekohe we have been running hands on workshops about making biodiesel from used vegetable oils. Now there is a serious need for sourcing feed stock/ vegetable oil to produce biodiesel , on reasonable scale. Simply there is not enough used oil in local restaurants and fish & chip places. A sort of cottage industry has to start now.With our knowledge and expertise in the Biofuel related fields, we have decided to start a pilot project. We need interested investors who are concerned about environmental issues and keen to take part in this small venture. We will grow crops and  extract oil for making biodiesel.. Canola/ mustard / sunflower are quick oil crops. We will also grow jatropha. Canola crop can be grown twice each year. It will make the soil more useful through nitrogen fix and also the soil texture will improve. .
We will sell oil to small co-ops that are actively involved in making biodiesel.
The potential is huge and government assistance will be avialble.
Please ask questions if want more details.
We believe in dexterous skills & flexible learning

Course Venueu
ETEC : Technology Studio
Unit 11,
3- Tironui Station Road West,
Tironui Business Park
Souh Auckland
Mob 021 215 2850
Email :      
Hope you are preparing new topics for 2012 with lots of simple hands-on activities to keep those minds buzzing
Initial registration
Name:.................................................School ..............................................
Workshop / course title      ...........................................................................
Phone # ...................................... Email ..................................................
Workshop     Date....../ ... / 2016 
  • BIOfuel/ Biodiesel making workshops, training and consultancy for general public and small factories. If you have high fuel costs then make your own biodiesel, save thousnads on  fuel and do favour to the environment too. We can help you with all the technological knowledge required to produce biodiesel from used vegetable oils
  • Dates; TBA / send us email
    Fee      $ 290
    Time :  10 AM- 2PM
    we can arrange small or one to one worksops upon request
    Biotechnology is Hands on Applied Science Teaching chemistry, history, biology, native plants and herbs, ICT, technical literacy and numeracy skills through project/ product development activities is more motivating than just plain explanation. Learners will learn all the applied skills through hands on projects while making useful medicinal / cosmetic products of their own. An integrated approach is used.
    Dates:  TBA soon or send us an email.
    Fee:     $ 290
    Time    10 am - 3pm
    • Practical electronics / Basic Robotics
    A great way to captivate the interest of your students in technology. Motivate them to earn credits in electronics/ science/ physics at NZQA unit standards level 1 &2 in year 10, 11, 12. This is a very interesting yet simple robot car with lots of basic circuits to make and teach. No soldering required, and kit can be used for years. During this PD you will make a robot car to take with you. All notes and unit standard ideas will be provided. No computer programming required. Kit only can be purchased at $ 70 each. It comes with lessons.
    Dates: TBA or send us an email for PD detials / dates 
    Fee:    $ 350
    Time   10am - 3pm
    • Biofuel / Bidiesel making ...........Biofuel is a hot topic.
    Create carbon footprint awareness by teaching applied chemistry & biotechnology. You will get to make and take with you biodiesel from used vegetable oil. Lesson plans and other examples of using basic equipment will be shown.
    Dates: TBA soon or send us an email
    Fee     $ 290
    Time 10 am --3 pm
    • Windmill making
    Generating electricity from natural resources is going to be a major environmental step in the right direction.
    Lots of applied physics, material design technology and environmental science can be taught here to the captive minds through making a small wind mill in class to run 50 LED lights or charge up a small battery bank.
    Dates: TBA or email us
    Fee $ 290
    Time 10 am -3 pm
    Melvin Din working with a  seminar participant Malcolm during a workshop on Biofuel Making at ETEC lab in Pukekohe, New Zealand.  Aim was to set up a small Co-op Biodiesel Plant in the Pacific Islands to make Biodiesel and  high quality Soap from the refused coconut oil.
    Such workshops and on-going consultancy takes place regularly by appointments. We also run workshops on making biofuels for general public on Saturdays and Fridays
    Cheese making:   Biotechnology/    Food Technology
    Teach food technology with a different approach. Kitchen table cheese making experience , using just the simplest tools to make your own cheese in the classroom. Looking at biotechnology & basic chemistry
    involved in cheese making. Make and take cheese. No writing involved in these workshops.Please arrive  in old clothes. A great way to teach science, technology, numeracy and literacy across the curriculum. 1 kg cheese and cheese lesson plan included in the course fee $190 - Dates:  TBA soon             
      and some Saturday afternoons ( choose one day only)
    Soap making/ Bio Technology/ SOFT MATERIALSBio technology is an important component of the technology curriculum. Learn to make soap from vegetable oils. We will show you
    step by step methods of making perfumed soaps by using very simple equipment, basic chemical reactions, how to use by
    products of soap, pH testing of acids and bases , basic chemistry. A great Science , Technology, Mathematics Literacy unit plan
    across the curriculum. No writing involved. Come in old clothes. Lesson plans, lunch and take home project included in the course
    fee $290 -
    Dates:   To be Advertised soon/send us email              ( choose one day only)
    Making BIO FUELS/ Biodiesel/    Biotechnology/  applied chemistry
    One of the best ways to tech applied biotechnology, applied chemistry unit is to teach students how to make biodiesel from used
    fish and chip oils. We have made it simple so just come along and have some experience in making biodiesel from used
    vegetable oil. Please come in old clothes.Lesson plans included in the
    course fee $290 -
    Date : TBA /or send us email
    Structures and Mechanisms, Science, Electronics and controls, Materials
    A hands on approach to teach Science and Technology Curriculum where students make their own small windmill to produce
    enough electricity to light up at least 4 LEDs/ Lights. Learn how wind farms will operate in the future, What materials are suitable
    and the best structures that will withstand the weather conditions. Measure volts and amps generated by their windmills, Issues
    on other sources of energy, Technological literacy, numeracy and more.
    Course Fee $190 - 
    Dates  To be Advertised  soon or send send us an email
    Practical Electronics & basic electricity  AND ROBOTICS  for teachers
    Wish to make simple and useful electronic devices by using LEDs, Resistors, switches, 9 Volts battery and learn some soldering
    Meet the needs of school Science and Technology curriculum
    Keen to try something new with your learners? eg take home projects, electronic games etc
    This course is aimed at teachers with no prior knowledge of electricity at all. You will learn to make electronic devices suitable for the needs of your students, a starter pack, lesson plans, class test and further ideas available at a modest cost.
    Course Fee  $ 390
    Dates : To be advertised soon / send us an email or send us an email
    Professional development means learning something new with the aim of teaching it to others. If you have been teaching the same unit studies for some years  then it is about time you gain new experiences, new skills with different approach to share your knowledge with your students in 2012. Teaching and learning are lifelong processes and need innovative approaches.
    Here are some of the fun to teach hands-on unit studies for you. These one day workshops will provide you the basic skills and resources to get your students full participation in class. Unit plans with students write- on booklet and assessment activities is available to all schools at some cost.
    Flight and Rocketry : Science, Materials technology,
    Very popular action filled unit will keep the kids in the field filled with excitement. Lesson plans , write -on booklets, tests at modest
    Course fee $ 290 -
    Dates: To be Advertised soon ( email us)
    Solar heating panel making : Applied Science, materials Technology ( not PV Cells)
    Use free energy from the sun and learn to heat water, save power, do favour to the environment, re use basic material . A great technology and science unit . All resources available as above. Course fee $290 -
    Dates To be Advertised  soon  please show interest .
    Candle making :Biotechnology, soft materials technology, Science
    Use free energy from the sun and learn to heat water, save power, do favour to the environment, re use basic material . A great technology and science unit. All resources available as above. Course fee $240 - Dates: to be avertised soon please show interest.
    Horticulture: Science, technology
    A very useful & full hands on unit. Revisit Maori horticultural practices, medicinal use of native trees, flax and kitchen gardening for all. Make a sustainable garden at school with biomass to heat water and aqua culture. A neat little interactive project for whole class. Course fee $140 - Dates: TBA
    Fat free Cooking; food technology
    The practical way to create awareness about healthy eating. Developing skills and eating habits to fight against obesity. Learn
    to cook few easy but nutritious meals. Innovative new age cooking that does not need conventional stoves etc.
    Course fee $290
    Dates: TBA soon  ( select one day only)
    Practical Maths: Hands on application, numeracy & lifelong learning
    To make it interesting for all teach maths without blackboard. We will show you how to incorporate several key skills into integrated maths that students can relate to the real needs. Rote learning is only good for a few students. Teach maths for life is the way to go
    Course fee $280 - Time  10AM- 3 PM
    Dates; to be advertised or on request.
    • Making LED lighting panel: for futuristic captain planets
    Electronics , hard & soft material, science, maths, technical literacy
    Time to throw the power hungry light bulb for good. LED electronics technology is the way forward for heat less inexpensive lighting. Learn to make your own lights from LEDs and do innovations. Course fee $280 all equipment provided.  
    Dates: TBA soon
    WORSHOPS FOR Hardworking Lab Technicians and Teahcer Aides;
    These support professional also need to learn newer skills, to become more effective.
    Workshop A: Basic electronics, electricity magetism, soldering skills, use of didgital multimeters and electronic components and more; Take home project: fee $ 150
    Dates:   TBA soon  ( one day only)
    Workshop B:
    Basic chemistry skills, safety, making soap, cheese, biofuel/ biodiesel and lots of other useful ideas and prctices that will help you to help your staff.
    Fee$ 140   dates   TBA soon  ( one day only)
    Making pinhole camera, simple telescope, pericscope, simple planes, electrib motors, magnets, and lots of ideas on severla projects.
    fee: $ 240  Dates: TBA
    If  you are considering to set up short modules for seniors  with full hands-on skilled based applied technology/ electronics/science then we  can assist you in many ways.
    Professional Development Seminars for Teachers    ……………..Also
    In-School programmes for senior students as stand alone modules 
    with alternative but skill based learning approach.
    We have been running similar workshops for many years. The new curriculum allows your school to offer tailor made modules in applied science / applied technology that are more relevant to the needs of your learners.
    • Applied Science
    •  Space & astronomy
    • Practical  electronics and robotics
    • Biotechnology
    • Applied technology with hard and soft materials
    • Environmental Science and sustainability projects  ………..   and more
    • Please let you I/C curriculum and HODs know about this service. For more details contact
    PLEASE NOTE THAT: FRIDAY and Satuday workshops start at 10 am and finish aroud 3pm.
    WE can also arrange special workshops and topics of your choice, if given a confirm notice and time.
    We are now planning to setup non coventional skill based learning programmes for less academic students who will have to stay a school longer (18 yrs). These programmes are already being piloted in few schools and have been a huge success. These Pre - trade Skill based short term courses can be linked with some unit standards and NZQA qualifications.
    Charter Schools and Comprehensive learning Centres may become a need in 2012.
    Registration & information      
    Please contact      mobile  021 215 2850
    Name:.................................................               Department ...........................................
    School ..............................................,
    Workshop / course title  .................................................................................................
    Phone # ......................................                     Email ...................................................
    Workshop Date....../ ... / ....                            
    MELVIN DIN M.Sc ,Dip.Tchg., Cert Adult Edn &Trg.
    • ETEC:: Tecnology Studio 
                 Unit 11, 
                 3 - Tironui Station Road West
                 Tironui Business Park ( off Tironui Road)
                 TAKANINI 2112  South Auckland , New Zealand
    • PO Box  2022 94 Takanini ( southgate) South Auckland. 2112 , New Zealand
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